A simple life on the Chesapeake Bay

It’s a beautiful February day with a high of 79 degrees here in East Beach.

Everyone is starting to getting ready for spring! Spring cleaning, spring shopping, and spring planting are just a few of the things many of us do to prepare for this blooming season.

Here are a few simple ways you can kick spring into gear.

Ugh, Yes cleaning.. We all know how much “fun” it is.  But it is something we all must do.

In cold months we all tend to get a little lazy and forget that our house & yards needs up keep.

Clean under couches & beds. Pet hair, crumbs & miscellaneous stuff accumulates in those places.

Get in your closets and attic. Throw out any unwanted clothes or furniture, this will prevent clutter and making you look like a hoarder. Give them to Goodwill or a Charity of your choice, they can put your stuff to good use.

For the outside, clean your gutters or better yet hire someone to do it. Replace your old dirt with fresh dirt mixed with manure this will help your future plants grow. Research what flowers you want & find out when you need to plant the bulbs.

With your house uncluttered & your yard looking pristine, reward yourself and go shopping for that lawn furniture you’ve been dying to have or that new BBQ, some new spring apparel and some down right cute sandals couldn’t hurt either.


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