A simple life on the Chesapeake Bay

Looking for a way to captivate Friends & Family? How about a Wine Tasting in the comfort of your home?

 Tasting Parties are on the verge of a new age way to entertain. Think about it, you the entertainer not having to leave the  house, this isn’t a dinner party so no need to cook up a feast, and the most important aspect of it all. Safety. If you or your friends have 1 to many glasses, crashing at your place shouldn’t be a problem… Right? They are in fact your friends.

So now your thinking what a splendid idea, how do I put together one of these parties?

Glad you asked, because I’m going help you.

1st put together your guest list, send out an email invitation or a modern facebook  invite.

You can either supply all the wine which can get costly. Or you can tell your invitees to bring a bottle of their favorite wine. You can also make it a bit challenging and ask  them to get a wine that has been given a rating above a certain amount of points, for instance tell everyone to bring a wine 85 points & above. If you don’t understand the wine rating system click here http://www.winelegend.com/wine-rating-systems.asp

Cheese, you can’t possibly have a wine party without cheese. Now don’t ask me but it is just tradition and custom to eat delectable cheese with such a savory drink. Again ask your friends to bring a tray or two of cheese, crackers or spreadable goodness.

Don’t forget the bread, the bread will help clean your palate for your next tasting.

To make it more interesting have a rating card next to each bottle and have your friends rate the quality. You all can become wine connoisseurs.

Now turn on some Frank Sinatra or some soothing jazz & relax and let the good times roll.

If you feel like you may need more help or need supplies for your party I suggest http://www.winestuff.com/ .



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