A simple life on the Chesapeake Bay

We all know if you don’t wear green on March 17th your likely to get a good ol’ pinch. Corned beef and cabbage is going to be on the specials menu for most local restaurants & green beer will be flowing throughout every bar. So what other traditions does this day of luck have?

Here are some St. patty’s day traditions we think are pretty nifty.

Chicago’s Green River

No the Chicago River isn’t overly dirty, that green color you see is dye. For over 40 years it has been a Chicago St. Patrick’s day tradition to turn the river green. Cool fact, they actually use orange dye to get that authentic Irish green color.


Painting of the World’s largest Shamrock


In O’Neill, Nebraska, the world’s largest shamrock is painted on the road, they set a huge blarney stone at the corner of the shamrock & celebrate with Irish dancing and even a public reading of the book, “Green Eggs and Ham”.

Renaming a city “New Dublin”

 New London, WI has a giant parade that includes leprechaun’s renaming the town “New Dublin,” They even have an Irish wake, known as “Finnegan’s Wake” where they actually put a mannequin in a green hearse and have the body fly out of a wicker casket as the hearse pulls away.



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  1. Love it!

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