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2011 Ultimate Beach House, Week 13: Final Count Down

4 The Ultimate Coastal Living House is a week or so from being complete and then will be ready to be turned over to the Coastal Living Interior Decorators! So as we count down to the turn over, last minute installations and touches are getting done.

 On the exterior, light Fixtures have been completely installed, the irrigation system is nearly complete, all outside painting is done & the landscaping should be completed by the end of this week.

 For the interior, all cabinetry, flooring, doors and hardware are complete. Painting is near the end and all plumbing fixtures and sinks have been installed.

 We are just merely days away until the brilliant interior decorators coordinate the gorgeous final pieces of this house & yes we are pretty giddy about it!




3 2


Blog by: Angela K. Smith

Photos by: Robbie Hickman

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2011 Ultimate Beach House, Week 12

On this stormy day, things are still looking bright and sunny for the Coastal Living House. All flooring in the house is complete and looking spectacular! The outdoor fire place, which is my favorite part of the Coastal living site is done and ready for its 1stBBQ get together. Late night s’mores anyone?

Outdoor fire 
As I walked through the house earlier this morning I couldn’t help but notice all the detail in  the ceilings all quite unique, defiantly takes the rooms up a notch.

Today the exterior shutters are being delivered, one of the final touches to the outside of the house and this week counter tops will start to be installed.




Blog by: Angela K. Smith

Photos by: Robbie Hickman

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2011 Ultimate Beach House, Week 11


Happy Flag Day! As we celebrate the adoption of United States Flag today, we at East Beach are also celebrating the marvel of watching the 2011 Coastal Living House construct and we are amazed how fast & efficient everything is progressing. July 29th is the official opening day of the Coastal Living house and its right around the corner! Most of the exterior painting is nearly complete & all of the interior painting is fully done and looking spectacular. The prefinished hardwood flooring on the 1st floor will be installed this week, the brick fireplace at the south patio will be completed at the end of the week & the Ceramic tiles in all bathrooms have been installed. We defiantly think that’s something to celebrate on this grand ol’ day.





Written by: Angela K Smith

Photos by: Robbie Hickman

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2011 Ultimate Beach House, Week 11: Turning up the Heat


Deck Pets are inside & people are cranking up their air conditioning due to the hot 90 degree weather Norfolk is enduring. It’s not just the weather that’s cranking up the heat; the builders of the 2011 Coastal Living House are on fire! Seems like everything is coming up to the final touches, light fixtures, cabinets, tile, and railings are all installed and looking beyond fabulous.Lamp4

 The gorgeous hardwood floors are being put down in a few days and the AZEK decking is almost complete. On the outside, the tree hedging, fence and Belgard Pavers are just about finished too. Looks like turning up the heat in this case is a good thing that deserves a glass of cold lemonade.

Cab Tree

















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Written by: Angela K Smith

Photos by: Robbie Hickman

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