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2011 Coastal Living House unique feature favorites



When touring the Coastal living house for the first time I noticed that this house was far from ordinary, from the views to the unique features. I took the liberty of taking photos of my favorite features; and hope you find these features to be as intriguing as I found them. Enjoy!


Atlantic Vestibule:

When you walk through the front door you will immediately walk through a small entry called an Atlantic Vestibule, this helps transition the outside into the inside.


Bay window seating:

The living room is filled with a tremendous amount of light from these bay front windows that look out onto the Bay Front Green and Chesapeake Bay. Eventually there will be comfortable window seats to either read a book on or relax and take in the gorgeous views.


Mud Room:

This room was the one I was most excited about. This fully equipped mud room comes with a dog wash station sized perfectly for almost any sized dog (or small child!).


 Night Nook:

Just off the downstairs Master Bedroom is a small room that will contain a small bar fridge, a desk, & computer space. Just in case you need a quite place to escape to or grab a night cap.


 Shower Seating:

In the upstairs Master Bathroom this large sized shower has a built-in shower seat; I find this a great addition to any shower.



 Update: The Fabral metal roofing is expected on-site next week. 

It’s starting to look like a home!





Written by: Angela K Smith

East Beach once a slum now a swan

Up until 2002 you couldn’t even get a pizza delivered to East Beach. Being that East Beach was the worst crime ridden slum in Norfolk, that cost the city 2 more million a year in health & police expenditures. Crime was so terrible that there were only 300 families out of the 1600 homes that occupied the area.

In 1998 it was recommended that this unsafe un-zoned area be transformed into a beach front community that would be more pleasant for the city and would be able to increase  tax profits for the underprivileged areas of Norfolk. 

After all the meetings and legal lingo, the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) was prepared to make this beautiful dream come alive.  A handful of  options were provided to the remaining families that would help assist them with relocation.

And with all that, the building started and became what is now an Multi Award Winning Community. 

So there ya go a little history on what was once  the ugly duckling of Norfolk now the swan of the city.

East Beach 2011 Events List

St. Patricks traditions you never knew about

We all know if you don’t wear green on March 17th your likely to get a good ol’ pinch. Corned beef and cabbage is going to be on the specials menu for most local restaurants & green beer will be flowing throughout every bar. So what other traditions does this day of luck have?

Here are some St. patty’s day traditions we think are pretty nifty.

Chicago’s Green River

No the Chicago River isn’t overly dirty, that green color you see is dye. For over 40 years it has been a Chicago St. Patrick’s day tradition to turn the river green. Cool fact, they actually use orange dye to get that authentic Irish green color.


Painting of the World’s largest Shamrock


In O’Neill, Nebraska, the world’s largest shamrock is painted on the road, they set a huge blarney stone at the corner of the shamrock & celebrate with Irish dancing and even a public reading of the book, “Green Eggs and Ham”.

Renaming a city “New Dublin”

 New London, WI has a giant parade that includes leprechaun’s renaming the town “New Dublin,” They even have an Irish wake, known as “Finnegan’s Wake” where they actually put a mannequin in a green hearse and have the body fly out of a wicker casket as the hearse pulls away.


Keeping up with the “Joneses” ?

Keeping up with the Joneses”  To fail to “keep up with the Joneses” is perceived as demonstrating socio-economic or cultural inferiority.

Do people still feel like they need to keep up with society?

More than ever these days.

However we should let the ” Joneses”  spend less time corrupting our minds & wallets.

Do you really need that 50 inch 3D  tv?  So what if you have a 3G phone is 4g’s really going to impact your way of life… Didnt think so.

Not saying you should blind yourself to all the wonderful new technologies out there. But limit to when & how much you are actually spending on things you don’t really need. Are you getting a new phone every time another new one comes along? Or how about that new ipad?  Ask yourself do I really need this, am I doing this more for a status symbol?

Flaunting your wealth, equals debt.

Sure we all have the feeling of wanting what others have, and buying things is defiantly instant gratification

But keep in mind that most of the “Joneses” in the world are broke or barely getting by.

A study shows, 43% of American families spend more than what they earn. 

Wow, wonder how much of that is actually spent of stuff they need..

In the same survey they found iPods were a necessity for 3% of people. 

Guess that pretty much sums it up!

 It’s simply a matter of people spending far more money than they should.

And if you can afford life’s luxuries hope your stashing more than your spending.

Remember to set your priorities, remember that it’s your money you worked hard for it and who cares if so & so has an awesome boat or if the new hot “9G” phone  just came out.

Ask your self do I really need this? It could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Best food & fun in Norfolk


Yet again the week is recycling its self into another weekend.

What to do, what to do?

Norfolk, VA just not a Military town, but a town with great food and plenty of activities to keep you busy.  So get off the couch this weekend and venture into some of the best Norfolk has to offer!

Everyone has to eat, so we’ll start off with Norfolk’s highly rated Restaurants.

Luna Maya–  Mexican/Spanish food –http://lunamayarestaurant.com/

Has been a Hampton Roads Platinum Plate Winner

A top 10 restaurant since 05

“If you are looking for authentic, this is as close to it as you will come without traveling to Mexico or South America.”

And voted best Margarita.

456 Fish- Seafood/Steak- http://www.456fish.com/

Offers an extensive wine list that showcases nearly 80 labels.

456 FISH was a  part of a Downtown Renaissance that has been flourishing since the eve of the new millennium.

Has been called a “suburb” dining experience by the Virginia Pilot, Port Folio, & Hampton Roads Magazine.

Big Easy-Cajun/French Old Worldhttp://www.bigeasygrillandoysterbar.com/index.html

 A celebration of cuisine, style, music and design, Big Easy has given historic downtown Granby Street a taste of New Orleans.

Best Cajun Food North Of New Orleans

Two Levels for your dinning pleasure .Oyster Bar downstairs

“The Big Easy has amazing food and an incredible beer selection!”

“The service was great, we were seated quickly, the vibe is sexy/cool but not out of your league, live saxophone player guy was talented.”
 Now that your stomachs are full lets go do something fun! Chrysler Museum of Art:http://www.chrysler.org/

 A gallery director on a 75-day, 12,000-mile trip through 45 art communities across the United States stops in at the Chrysler: “Hands down it is by far one of the best collections of art we have had the pleasure of viewing.”

The Chrysler Museum of Art combines, under a single administrative umbrella, one of America’s great fine arts museums and two significant historic houses.

 Spirit Magazine from Southwest Airlines included the Chrysler Museum among the top Hampton Roads attractions.  

 “Harbor Park, with its outstanding view and sound design, is one of the finest baseball facilities in existence.”

 -A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and a member of the International League.


Norfolk Zoo- http://www.virginiazoo.org/index.asp

 Meet elephants, lions, kangaroos, meerkats and more. Go nose to nose with prairie dogs in their interactive habitat where viewing bubbles allow you to get up close and personal with these entertaining creatures.

There’s a lot to discover at the Virginia Zoo – from the rich history to their lush gardens. 

 There’s always something new and fun at the  Zoo.

 Have fun & enjoy your weekend!

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful February day with a high of 79 degrees here in East Beach.

Everyone is starting to getting ready for spring! Spring cleaning, spring shopping, and spring planting are just a few of the things many of us do to prepare for this blooming season.

Here are a few simple ways you can kick spring into gear.

Ugh, Yes cleaning.. We all know how much “fun” it is.  But it is something we all must do.

In cold months we all tend to get a little lazy and forget that our house & yards needs up keep.

Clean under couches & beds. Pet hair, crumbs & miscellaneous stuff accumulates in those places.

Get in your closets and attic. Throw out any unwanted clothes or furniture, this will prevent clutter and making you look like a hoarder. Give them to Goodwill or a Charity of your choice, they can put your stuff to good use.

For the outside, clean your gutters or better yet hire someone to do it. Replace your old dirt with fresh dirt mixed with manure this will help your future plants grow. Research what flowers you want & find out when you need to plant the bulbs.

With your house uncluttered & your yard looking pristine, reward yourself and go shopping for that lawn furniture you’ve been dying to have or that new BBQ, some new spring apparel and some down right cute sandals couldn’t hurt either.

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