A simple life on the Chesapeake Bay

pollen, pollen everywhere


 If you havent seen all the glorious yellow powder that has been gracing your car maybe your eyes sting too much to open them or are too watery from all the allergies this little itty bitty stuff called pollen is causing.

Virginia’s highest pollen period ranges from late March to May.

If your waiting to wash your car like most people, think twice. Think about every time you touch your car maybe rub your eye or eat a hamburger on the go, your pretty just making your allergies flare up.

Pollen can trigger asthma or on going respiratory problems for kids and sensitive folks.

Were all ready for summer, but the hot weather brings the pollen to its worst, so pray for cool nights and practice your rain dance.

You can also take precautions to prevent getting bad allergies like vacuuming, dusting & washing your hair and clothes everyday. But if your too busy like the majority of us go to your local pharmacy and pick up some good allergy meds like Allegra or Claritin and stay inside on high pollen count days if your sensitive, no point in being miserable.

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